Our Process.

Read further about how our traditional manufacturing practises make our jewellery unique.

Manufacturing, Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Production - Sterling Silver - Pendants and Rings, Assembly.

Everything we do is executed according to our exceptionally high standards. Our unique jewellery pieces undergo multiple stages of iteration to ensure the design is without imperfection. We are meticulous; scrutinising every jewel and making certain that every intricate detail is a result of careful consideration, genuine meaning and story.

Our products are handcrafted in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter; a historic British manufacturing district. We partnered with a family run atelier with over 30 years experience who smelt our silver onsite before creating our unique pieces through a multi step process. Our deep appreciation for the artistry and skill involved is why we commit to maintaining British craftsmanship by using traditional manufacturing methods wherever possible. Manufacturing in the UK allows us to ensure that our product quality is consistently outstanding and exceeds the standards we and our customers expect.

Sixthsaint is real jewellery; truly authentic with no fake promises.