An important process when making jewellery, hallmarking not only verifies that your item is authentic, but also allows future generations to identify it and explore the history behind the piece.

  • 1. Sponsor's Mark

    This identifies the brand/jeweller who made the product. Our mark is 6S in our distinctive shape.

  • 2. Traditional Fineness Mark

    This symbol shows that the product is made from sterling silver.

  • 3. Millesimal Fineness Mark

    This mark tells you the purity of the metal. In our case this is 92.5% silver - also known as sterling silver.

  • 4. Assay Office Mark

    This shows where the jewellery was hallmarked. Our jewellery has the anchor symbol; the mark of the Birmingham Assay Office.

  • 5. Year Mark

    This shows the year that the jewellery was marked. 'W' is the letter for 2021.


A Hallmark is a set of component marks which verify a products material. Precious metals are rarely used in their purest form, instead being mixed with other metals to make them more durable. Hallmarks are only applied to precious metals Platinum, Gold, Palladium and Silver.

It isn't possible to detect an article's precious metal content by sight or touch. Therefore, it is a legal requirement for items being sold as precious metal, over a certain weight, to bear a Hallmark. For Silver, this weight is 7.78g - any item weighing less than this does not require a hallmark.

We at Sixthsaint have every piece Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office.

Hallmarks are applied to precious metals to indicate the amount of pure metal in a product. Traditionally applied by striking with a punch, Hallmarks can now also be applied using lasers which is how we hallmark our pieces.
It is illegal to sell a precious metal product without a Hallmark and non-precious items are not permitted to have a Hallmark. Items with just 925 are not hallmarked as they are missing the other marks.

Something being sold without a Hallmark is breaking the law and there is a high chance the item may not be made from precious metal.

We produce every piece using 50% recycled 925 Sterling Silver; one the purest forms of silver available.
Every Sixthsaint pendant, chain, ring & bracelet has been verified by the Birmingham Assay Office, which means you can trust that every item you buy from us is made from 925 Sterling Silver, as they have provided independent quality assurance. Earrings are also made from 925 Sterling Silver however they are under the weight limit and therefore do not need to be tested and Hallmarked. Our ateliers test these before shipping as part of our quality control to guarantee quality across our entire range.


Every piece of jewellery you buy from Sixthsaint (other than earrings due to the weight of the pieces), will be imprinted with both the Hallmark and a brand stamp. The brand stamp will always appear as above and guarantees the validity of the item you are purchasing. If for any reason you buy your Sixthsaint product outside of our site and it does not hold these stamps, please reach out to us immediately as you have likely purchased a fake item.